Monday, January 21, 2008

विजय दशमी , Vijaya Dashami ! The Concluding Day of navaratri !

On Vijaya Dashami Day too the day began with the Suprabhata Seva to Goddess Lalithambika Akhilandeshwari ! After the suprabhata seva she was given a ritualistic Panchamrita bath , Gandha, Chandana, Rose Water, Bhasmaodaka, Haridra[turmeric] & Kumkuma waters and in the end Rudrabhishekam was performed !

After Bathing Devi gave an Abhisheka Ananthara Darshana and Pushpa Vrushti [Rain of Flowers] was performed for Devi !

Later She was Dressed up as the Supreme Mistress of the universe Shri Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaki Lalitha Mahatripurasundari flanked by Lakshmi and Saraswthi carrying fans to "Serve" the supreme Mother !

After The Alakaram A Ranga Puja was performed in front of Devi ! In this ritual The Naivedya is offered in a stylish manner decorated with Dazzling lamps !

Later In the evening Lalitha Shasranama Kumkmumarchana was performd which was followed as usual by Bhajans and in the end Arati was performed to the Divine Tune of Mahishasura Mardhini Stotram !

A few Glimpses of Devi Captured during the day !

In the end after the Arati all the Raja Upacharas were offered to goddess ! Then she was put in a cradle and was put to sleep with a melodious song in the background as it was done on all the 9 nights !
With this the Sharannavartri celebrations at Manidweepam [my home] came to close ! There was a mixed feeling of satisfaction and a small tint of sadness [due to the conclusion of navaratri] in the air ! But Devi ruled Manidweepam on all these Ten Days and hope everybody who saw these agree with me ! :)
Jai Lalithe !!!

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|| Shri Matha ||

|| Shri Matha ||